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The program will periodically check the listed websites for the new changes available on the website's pages. The user creates a list of the websites to be monitored, sets the check time in minutes. The program will download the HTML page at the URL you have entered every period of time you have specified and then check it for any updates. If it finds any updates to the web page, it will notify the user.

Publisher description

Create a list of websites, which the program will periodically download and check for the new changes. Users generally visit just a number of websites to check them out for the news. At the same time, they spend their time and data transfer quotas to download those websites along with the pictures. AV Site checker does not download images. That will reduce your bandwidth consumption. It will disturb you only when something new appears on a monitored website. That will save a load of your time; you will no longer need to wait until the website finishes downloading just to see whether there is anything new on it. AV Site checker can be also used as a "quick" bookmark manager. The most favorite sites (news feeds, blogs, forums, etc.) will be always handy, and you will not need to dig for them throughout the browser's bookmarks, which usually include a whole bunch of other useful but not used frequently URLs. Just double-click, and you are on the website. Your favorite website does not support RSS? With AV Site checker, you can live through that. Checking the website periodically, the program will notify you of the changes available on it. For many news feeds, blogs, and forums the program will be a great replacement for the RSS.

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